Posted: September 23, 2019, 12:51 pm
Written by: Squynt


The Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community will be hosting our Thirteenth Anniversary Coldsnap Summit at this end of September 2018. We will be revisiting our community-wide supported games and casting votes on which games we will be terminating support for, which games will be adopting and which ones we will continue to support moving into the new year. Additional topics of discussion will include the state of the community, reflection on our progress in 2018, plans for 2019, incentives, donor perks, livestreams, plans for event coordination and taking any suggestions or feedback from members as well as other affiliates and friends. The Coldsnap Summit is mandatory for all members of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community but friends and affiliates are more than welcome to attend and are encouraged to participate. Recieving the maximum possible feedback from our members as well as the community we foster allows us to mold our gaming community in a way which facilitates participation, enjoyment and camaraderie. As usual, the Coldsnap Summit will be livestreamed on our YouTube and Twitch channels and will be hosted on our Discord. A handful of our members will likely be mucking around in VRChat during the Summit for those who would like to participate, but the VRChat aspect is not required. The 13th Anniversary Coldsnap Summit will be held at the following time, we look forward to seeing you there:



Be sure to check back with us here, join our Discord or like us on Facebook if you would like updates on upcoming community events and activities. 





On June 19, Wildcard announced the third expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK: Extinction will be released worldwide on November 6, 2018 and we're hopping aboard the hype train. This month, we will start the plans and coordination to transfer all of our active members and thier dinos from our current Aberration server to Ragnarok. This will allow us to clear out our current server and make way for the Extinction expansion without losing anyone's current progress / collection. This way, if the Extinction expansion turns out to be as short-lived as Aberration was, we will always have Ragnarok to go back to. After the transfer, the Ragnarok server will again be shut down pending our migration to Extinction. We do not yet have a date or time as to when this transfer will take place but it will definitely be sometime this month. We're excited for the next development in ARK and look forward to braving the new map with our members, friends and affiliates as our ARK journey has always been some of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences in our gaming community. Be sure to visit again on November 6th and click on the banner above to go to the ARK: Extinction Steam page.



Due to unfortunate circumstances and tasks which take a much higher precedence over the project, the DFW OASIS Minecraft custom FTB pack development project has been cancelled. The #dfw-oasis-beta-testing channel in our Discord server will be deleted. We want to thank everyone who contributed and participated in the development in this pack. 




Console Division Administrator «ÐFW»SpAnKaNaToR has announced that he will be taking a hiatus from the gaming life. The Console Division is left without overhead and is currently seeking any members who would like to take up the mantle. As it stands, there are no planning or coordination efforts being directed towards the Console Division and a staff meeting will be held to discuss the decision to terminate the division if we do not recieve any volunteers for administration. Vacancies include the Division Moderator, XBL Group Captain and PSN Group Captain positions. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, be sure to hit up one of our administration members in our Discord.


Be sure to check out our social media and our channels which can be found in the Social panel on the right of the page. Thanks to everyone for your participation and we'll see you in-game!



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