Following are the General Rules, Terms, and Conditions which are mandated across all Divisions of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community. Divison and game-specific rules are left to the discretion of each respective Division Admin. All rules are subject to amendement.

All members are required to abide by these rules whether you read them or not. By submitting an application to our community, you are agreeing to the following rules, terms, and conditions: 

Rule #1 // The Most Important Rule

Section I:
SwagMaster Policy
The first and arguably the most important rule of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community is never to take anything that Luis says, seriously.

Article I // Restrictions

Section I:
Swearing Policy
DFW is generally an adult-natured community and has no rules against swearing. However, members are not to abuse this privilege in any way. Members are to respect the rules of other hosts, communities, and servers outside of our own.
Section II:
Toxic Behavior
DFW will not tolerate discriminatory, provocative or harassing actions towards other members. DFW has a zero-tolerance policy for toxic behavior. Our administration encourages our members to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Although some administrators and members may exhibit offensive senses of humor in good fun, any member who recieves formal complaints for violating this code of conduct and does not desist will be subject to punitive action.
Section III:
DFW is a Fair-Play gaming community. Any form of cheating (hacks, trainers, modded game files, etc.) used at an official capacity is in no way condoned by our administration, and will NOT be tolerated in our community. If valid proof is presented that a member is or was cheating during offical representation, he/she will be suspended or banned from the gaming community at the discretion of the administration. This policy does not apply to custom, private, or otherwise declared servers or games.
Section IV:
DFW no longer prohibits membership with other clans or communities unless the supported games of the community in question is the member's corresponding DFW Division primary supported game. Further Multi-Clanning policies specific to individual games will be left to the discretion of each respective Division Admin.
Section V:
Age Restriction
DFW does not accept applicants under the age of 15. If you are of an umbrageous nature or require parental defense / shelter then this is not the community for you. Under special circumstances, applicants may be waived in by an Administrator. However, applicants found falsifying their age, circumventing prerequisites or engaging in adolescent trollery will bypass the Demerit system and will be immediately removed from our gaming community.

Article II // Requirements

Section I:
Tag Wear Policy
Our administration mandates the wear of the =ÐFW= tag on member in-game and VoIP handles if applicable. Administration members will wear a «ÐFW» tag to indicate that they are in an administrative position in Delta Fighter Wing if applicable. Characters in games which do not allow special characters will simply use a special character free tag (e.g DFWSquynt). Game-specific DFW affiliation policies will be left to the discretion of each respective Division Admin. Anyone wearing the DFW tag represents the community and is expected to uphold the image of Delta Fighter Wing and respect the rules of other hosts, servers, clans, guilds, and communities.
Section II:
As of October 2016, the Delta Fighter Wing Forums have been retired. It is now mandatory that ALL members join our Discord, as it is now our primary means of verification and communication. Applicants must join the DFW Discord before they are accepted into the community or added to the roster. It is important that applicant Discord usernames are at least similar if not identical to the username which was entered in the application so that an administrator knows who to grant permissions to upon acceptance. Membership on our Facebook page is recommended, but not mandatory. Steam is also an alternative but optional means of communication.
Section III:
Naming Convention
Each member of the community is asked to maintain the same, if not similar, username across all platforms, games, forums, etc. This policy is simply to prevent confusion or duplicate-named members. Current members will reserve their username. Any individual attempting to join our community with the same username as a current member will be required to change their username prior to acceptance into the community.
Section IV:
Promotion Policy
It is now required to have successfully recruited at least one other player into the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community in order to advance past the rank of Member Grade 1 unless you are appointed by the Chief or Executive Administrator. A successful recruit implies that the applicant recruited must have thier application accepted by the DFW Administration. In order to hold or be eligible for any administrative positions / ranks, members must have recruited at least 3 other players into DFW and be active in the community.

Article III // Member Rights

Section I:
Trial Review
In any prosecution against members for violating action(s), members reserve the right to choose between a public review or a private administrative review of their case. Any member that has been charged with an offense may be suspended until the case has been addressed or aquitted by the Executive Admin or Chief Admin.
Section II:
Due to the restructure of the community, administration and removal of military rank structure, Division Admins are now personally selected by the Executive or Chief Admin. Therefore, members no longer reserve the right to petition Division Admins. Members do, however, retain the right to petition Group Captains.
Section III:
Abuse of Position
NO Moderator or Admin has authority to issue orders to other members that do not pertain to Delta Fighter Wing community activities. Any Moderator / Leader found abusing their status, position, administrative permissions, Discord permissions, or found issuing orders outside of DFW community activities will be reprimanded. Punitive action will be administered in accordance with Article IV and community authority will either be temporarily or permanently revoked.

Article IV // Violations & Punitive System

Section I:
The DFW Administration punishes violators reasonably, and accordingly. Any member considered beligerant, disruptive, toxic, or found violating DFW general rules, terms, and conditions should be referred to a Division Admin immediately. Members found violating the rules of the community will first be warned. Should the member continue to deliberately oppose, a demerit will be issued.

A Demerit is a mark against a member that represents an incident of rule violation.
Section II:
Demerit System
!ꜜ Behavioral Demerits are issued to members who display toxicity, ignorance, disrespect, provocation, volatility, drama incitement, disregard of leadership, or deliberate violation of the rules of the community.

!ꜜ Performance Demerits are issued to members who are caught cheating or using any means to gain an unfair advantage over other players, friendly or hostile. Performance demerits may also be issued to members who deliberately refuse to put forth effort in any official match, tournament, or community event for reasons of ignorance, sabotage, or otherwise.

!ꜜ Activity Demerits are issued to members who fail to show at mandatory community events, twice in a row.

Attending a mandatory event after missing one or while flagged will automatically lift the Activity Demerit. Activity Demerits are no longer issued for lack of activity in the community, as long as the member attends the events required. Doing so will only result in barring from promotion. Dismissal, demotion or subjection to purge is left to the discretion of the Administration.
Section III:
Demerit Limit
Members are limited to three demerits to their profile. Any member who is issued three demerits will be removed from the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community.
Section IV:
Demerit Regulation
Abuse of the demerit system will not be tolerated. Demerits may be waived by vote of the offending member's respective Division Admin, or by Executive Admin or Chief Admin of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community. Banishment from the community for an administratively determined number of days may also be used in place of a permanent ban.

LAST AMENDED: 2017-10-24


Chief Administrator
Executive Administrator


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