Following are the General Rules, Terms, and Conditions (RT&C) which are mandated across all Divisions of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community. Divison and game-specific rules are left to the discretion of each respective Division Admin or Gamemaster. All rules are subject to amendement by the Chief Administrator.

All members and users of our platforms are required to abide by these rules whether you read them or not. By joining our community, Discord, or retaining a membership or VIP membership with us, you are agreeing to the following rules, terms, and conditions:

Article I // Restrictions

Section I:
[TL;DR] Profanity is fine, hate speech is not.

DFW is an adult-natured community and does not regulate profanity except for terms used within the scope of ethnophaulisms (racism/hate speech) or harassment. Use of derogatory language concerning race, sexuality, creed, or religion may result in punitive action up to permanent removal from our community. Although general profanity is not restricted within our community, members and affiliates of DFW are expected to respect the rules of other hosts, communities, servers, games, and platforms outside of our own.
Section II:
Toxic Conduct
[TL;DR] No toxicity, discrimination, stalking, or harassment.

DFW does not tolerate discriminatory, provocative, or harassing actions toward others concerning race, creed, or religion. DFW has a zero-tolerance policy for toxic or instigative behavior, stalking or harassing, and recurrent actions of malicious intent. Formal complaints lodged against any member, affiliate, or guest for violating this code of conduct may be subject to punitive action up to permanent removal from our community.
Section III:
[TL;DR] No cheating (including recovs/boosting). Follow the Terms of Service and community consensus of your game.

a. DFW is a Fair-Play gaming community. Our administration is intolerant of cheating which we define as “the use of illegitimate/third-party software, modified game files, abuse of unintended gameplay mechanics, or external services to gain an unfair advantage over others, specifically in the case of competitive (comp) or player vs. player (PvP) platforms of the games we support.” Everyone who plays under the DFW name/tag is a representative of the community and we ask that you maintain the integrity of our Fair-Play community when making decisions about how you conduct yourself in-game or in comps.

b. DFW defines account recovery (“recovs”) or boosting as “the unethical practice of account sharing with the intent of artificially inflating the competitive rank, statistics, or achievements of a player. Recov/Boosting is often performed by a higher-ranked/more experienced player, who agrees to play on a lower-ranked/less experienced player’s account to inflate competitive ranking/stats, sometimes in exchange for payment.”

c. DFW recognizes account recovery (“recovs”) and boosting services (specifically any form of account sharing) in comp/PvP platforms, with the express intent of improving/inflating personal rank, stats, or achievements, as illegitimate conduct, and does not permit the use of these services in our community. Recov/boosting/account sharing is also prohibited in cases of player vs. environment (PvE) content with competitive aspects (such as Destiny 2’s World’s First raid achievement). DFW does not differentiate between paid services and non-paid services rendered by friends or otherwise, in this regard.

d. d. DFW does not group “carries” or “the act of more experienced players joining the team of less experienced players to largely influence the outcome of a game/match” within the same category as recovs/boosting (although some recov/boosting services offer this as an option apart from account sharing). Game-specific restrictions on carries may be set by the corresponding supported game’s Gamemaster.

e. Other forms of cheating, including, but not limited to: in-game glitches, bug exploits, or meshing/boundary-breaking are subject to punitive action at the discretion of the Terms of Service of the game’s developer/studio and the consensus of its community on what is/isn’t allowable. Additional game-specific restrictions may be set by the corresponding supported game’s Gamemaster.

f. If valid proof is presented in the accusation of a member cheating under the DFW name/tag, an administrative review will be conducted on the member in question. The member may be subject to suspension or permanent removal from our community at the discretion of the administration.

g. This section does not apply to custom, private, or other servers/games where mods, exploits, or glitches are expressly allowable.
Section IV:
[TL;DR] You’re free to mingle, but be true to your community.

DFW no longer prohibits membership with other clans or communities. Multi-Clanning policies specific to the organizations, clans, or guilds of individual games will be left to the discretion of each respective Division Admin and Gamemaster.
Section V:
Age Restriction
[TL;DR] Only ages 15+ for VIP membership, but only 18+ for NSFW channels/platforms.

DFW does not accept VIP applicants under the age of 15. Additionally, if you are excessively umbrageous, then this is likely not the community for you. Under special circumstances, underage applicants may be waived in by an Administrator. Applicants found falsifying their age, circumventing prerequisites, exhibiting querulous/fractious tendencies, or engaging in recurrent behavior that is deliberately provocative or disruptive will bypass the Demerit system and will be immediately removed from our community. All members and Discord users under the age of 18 are, by law, restricted from any NSFW channels on communications platforms used by DFW. Non-VIP member age is not tracked by our staff and is left to the age verification system of Discord.
Section VI
User-generated Content (UGC)
[TL;DR] No illegal or questionable content whatsoever.

DFW defines user-generated content (UGC) as “any form of content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, that has been posted by users on DFW-associated platforms.” All UGC posted to any platform of communication of use by DFW must adhere to the Terms of Service of those platforms as well as the laws which govern those platforms. DFW strictly forbids the posting of UGC such as, but not limited to: the sexualization of minors, lolicon, shotacon, rape, gore, scat, bestiality, or other similarly related content on ANY of our platforms, including those marked as NSFW. Posting any UGC of the aforementioned nature will result in immediate and permanent removal from our community.

Article II // Requirements

Section I:
Tag Wear Policy
[TL;DR] DFW tags are no longer applied in Discord. Tag wear in-game is dependent on the clan/guild system of each game. DFW tag wear on external platforms to Discord is entirely optional.

a. Division Admins and Gamemasters will determine if wear of the =ÐFW= community tag on in-game usernames is mandatory, based on the game that the member's corresponding group within the division supports. If the game supports an integrated clan/organization/guild system, changing the player's username to incorporate the tag will likely not be necessary.

b. The =ÐFW= tag is no longer mandated for digital distribution and communications platforms such as Discord or Steam user accounts. The only tags now used in Discord are identifiers for Wing Admins, Division Admins, and Gamemasters to specify which staff function they manage or what division/platform/game they are in charge of.

c. Anyone wearing the DFW tag represents the community and is expected to uphold the image of Delta Fighter Wing and respect the rules of other hosts, servers, clans, guilds, and communities.
Section II:
Communication & Accountability
[TL;DR] All DFW Members and VIP applicants must remain in the Discord:

a. As of October 2016, the Delta Fighter Wing Forums have been retired. Membership is now handled entirely through Discord and ALL DFW Members and VIP Members must join and remain in our Discord, as it is our primary means of verification, communication, and accountability. If you leave the Discord server at any point after submitting an application or being accepted as a DFW VIP Member, your application will be discarded. If you leave the Discord as a member, your membership will be forfeited.

b. Subscriptions to the DFW main Twitch and Youtube channels are recommended to stay up to date with our activities but are not mandatory. the DFW Steam group is also an alternative but optional means of communication.
Section III:
Naming Convention
[TL;DR] No duplicate usernames with other members. First come, first serve.

Each member of the community is asked to maintain the same, if not similar, username across all platforms, games, forums, etc. This policy is simply to prevent confusion or duplicate-named members. Current members will reserve their usernames. Any individual attempting to apply for VIP Membership or being considered for DFW Staff with the same username as a current member will be required to change their username before acceptance.
Section IV:
Promotion Policy
[TL;DR] DFW Staff considerations must have recruited at least 3 members. VIP Members must have recruited at least 1.

It is now required to have successfully recruited at least three other players into the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community and be active members before being considered for DFW Staff eligibility. Exceptions may be appointed by the Chief or Executive Administrator. VIP Membership requires that the user must have recruited at least one other member.
Section V:
Community Engagement
[TL;DR] Try to stay active. If you can’t play much, you're welcome to at least talk/hang out. Try to attend the annual Coldsnap Summits.

a. While the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community does not have defined minimum quotas in terms of activity or engagement within our Discord server and community, members and applicants are expected to maintain at least some level of involvement or engagement with their designated groups either in-game or on Discord. The event we ask members to attend if possible is the annual DFW Coldsnap Summit, hosted by the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community at least once per year around the weekend of our anniversary (September 28). All members and affiliates are highly encouraged to engage and participate with our community to the best of their ability as time permits, but your life and your family come first.

b. For VIP applicants, the DFW Administration team casts votes on applications based on their interpretation and estimation of the level of activity of the applying user in addition to the age requirement. If you do not engage with any of our members or staff within the Discord or play any of our supported games with our members, no one will know who you are, nor will they be likely to vouch for you during the VIP application process.

Article III // Member Rights

Section I:
Trial Review
[TL;DR] If accused of breaking rules, you may choose your method of review.

In any prosecution against members for violating action(s), members reserve the right to choose between a public review or a private administrative review of their case. Any member that has been charged with an offense may be suspended until the case has been addressed or acquitted by the Executive Admin or Chief Admin.
Section II:
[TL;DR] You may petition Gamemasters, but not Admins.

Due to the restructuring of the community, administration, and removal of military rank structure, Division Admins are now personally selected by the Executive or Chief Admin. Therefore, members no longer reserve the right to petition Division Admins. Members do, however, retain the right to petition the appointment or retirement of Gamemasters.
Section III:
Abuse of Position
[TL;DR] Don’t abuse your position/permissions.

NO staff member has the authority to issue orders to other members that do not pertain to Delta Fighter Wing community activities or in keeping with the DFW General Rules, Terms, and Conditions (RT&C). Any staff member or team lead found abusing their position, administrative permissions, Discord permissions, or found issuing orders outside of DFW community activities or the RT&C will be reprimanded. Punitive action will be administered in accordance with Article IV and community authority will either be temporarily or permanently revoked.

Article IV // Violations & Punitive System

Section I:
[TL;DR] Breaking rules means warning, suspension, or temporary/permanent removal.

The DFW Administration punishes rule violators reasonably, and accordingly. Any member considered belligerent, disruptive, toxic, or found violating DFW general rules, terms, and conditions should be referred to a staff member immediately. Members found violating the rules of the community will first be warned. Should the member continue to deliberately oppose, punitive action will be taken, following an Administrative Review of the case.
Section II:
Punitive System
[TL;DR] Punishments for rule violations may very depending on severity.

a. As of October 2022, the legacy DFW Punitive Demerit System has been abolished. With the changes to the membership structure, the removal of member profiles from the roster, and the shift to Discord for handling user/member management, DFW has shifted to a basic warning/punitive action system. Users found violating DFW RT&C, Discord server rules, or DFW game server rules may be administered a Formal Warning by the DFW Illuminati Bot and the warning will be logged.

b. A variety of punitive actions may be administered against rule-breaking users. To include, but not limited to: Timeouts, role/permissions removal, mutes, kicks, temporary bans, or permanent bans/blocklisting and removal from DFW. The punitive action administered will depend on the severity of the violation, and is left to the discretion of the DFW Staff. Some violations may result in immediate removal without issuing a formal warning. Circumventing punitive actions such as server timeouts may result in further, more severe punishment such as a ban. Good conduct may result in the removal of issued formal warnings, on a case-by-case basis.

LAST AMENDED: 2022-10-06


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