Listed below are the official ranks of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community and their descriptions. The new DFW rank structure was implemented community-wide on May 3, 2014 and revised on October 7, 2018.


Chief Administrator
The Chief Administrator is the leader, founder and highest ranking individual in the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community. The Chief Admin manages all operations of all division and groups of the community and has the final say on judicial decisions of DFW. The Chief Admin is also the only individual that is authorized to amend the rules, terms and conditions of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community, as well as manage all finances and donations.
Executive Administrator
The Executive Administrator is the co-leader of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community, and also manages all operations of all division and groups. The Executive Admin collaborates with the Chief Admin in managing the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community, and has authority over all divisions and it's administrators. The Executive Admin assumes the role of the Chief Admin in his absence, and is the only individual authorized to do so. The Executive Admin has final say in all matters of DFW aside from financial.
Division Administrator
Division Administrators are individuals which are hand-selected by the Delta Fighter Wing Administration to manage and lead a specific division of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community. Division Administrators are responsible for overseeing and coordinating all operations and events of their respective division. Division Administrators have the authority to establish their own rules and guidelines (in addition to the DFW general rules, terms, and conditions) as they see fit for their division.
Wing Administrator
Wing Administrators are appointed by the Chief and Executive Administrators to adopt one of three specific sets of essential staff functions to be performed community-wide: Personnel, Operations and Public Affairs. Wing Administrators are trusted members who are required to undergo a detailed interview process conducted by the DFW Administration Board. Wing Administrators are strictly members of the Command Division and do not fall within the chain of responsibility of any other division. Wing Administrators are parallel within the hierarchy to Division Administrators, but have no direct influence over any division or its members outside of the realm of their appointed function.
Global Moderator
Global Moderators are appointed by the Chief Administrator and/or Executive Administrator and are tasked with moderating all divisions of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community. Global Moderators have the authority to override decisions of Division Moderators, but do not govern any specific division. Therefore, Global Moderators do not have the authority to overrule decisions made by each division's respective Division Administrator.
Division Moderator
Division Moderators are selected by their respective Division Administrator to manage and oversee and moderate all operations of their respective division. Division Moderators assume the role of Division Administrators in their absence, but do not have decisive authority over Global Moderator intervention unless approved by the DFW Administration. PC Division Moderators represent leadership and management of groups within the division. Console Division Moderators are structured differently and represent leadership and management of their designated platform. Console Division Moderators are alternatively referred to as “Platform Moderators”.
Group Captain
Group Captains are specifically appointed to lead a game group within their division. They provide guidance, instruction, direction, development and leadership to their assigned group of Team Leaders, Members and Recruits, for the purpose of achieving key group-aligned results. Group Captains are responsible for the fulfillment of direct in-game leadership roles dependent on the genre and extent of co-operative play to include, but not limited to: Raid leaders, alliance captains, multi-party leaders, flight leaders, platoon sergeants or squad leaders.


Veteran // Veteran Major // Master Veteran
Veteran ranks are the highest achievable, and most prestigious legacy ranks of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community. Veteran ranks are granted to individuals for exemplary, distinguished, and unwavering loyal service to DFW for 6 or more years. Members are eligible for promotion to Veteran after 6 years of uninterrupted* membership, Veteran Major after 9 years, and Master Veteran after an extraordinary 12 years of membership. Members who meet the eligibility requirements and are selected for advancement to Veteran status by the DFW Administration will skip all ranks from their current.

* Uninterrupted membership references only members who have not been officially discharged or removed from the roster, and does not involve level of activity in the community.
Team Leader
Team Leaders are appointed by thier respective Group Captain to lead a team of members or other sub-group elements in-game. Team Leaders are the direct delegates and liaisons of the taskings and responsibilities of the Group Captain. Team Leaders can either be appointed from the member ranks or laterally advanced from a Senior Member position based on thier expertise and aptitude to lead.
Senior Member
Members are eligible for promotion to Senior Member for demonstration of exceptional performance, high level of activity, consistent community engagement, and distinguished performance. Senior Members are typically long-standing members with developed specialities in the roles they portray but have either declined or have not been selected for a leadership role as a Team Leader.
Member // Member Grade 2 // Member Grade 3
Recruits are advanced to the rank of Member with approval by their respective Division Administrator, or by the DFW Administration once all membership requirements have been met. Members can be advanced by the Division Administrator to higher grades based on consistency of attendance, community engagement, high levels of activity and length of membership.
SHARKBAIT! OOH HAA HAA! The rank of Recruit is the entry-level rank of the Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community and is the rank assigned to all individuals who have had their application approved by the DFW Administration. All Recruits are assigned to a Group Captain to undergo a probationary evaluation to determine level of activity, engagement and communication before being inducted to Member. Typically, recruits are inducted within a week or so of thier probationary period. However, it is possible for Recruits who do not actively engage or participate in the community to retain this rank indefinitely.


Chief Administrator
Executive Administrator


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